December 10, 2012
2nd ICT Entrepreneurship Conference and Award Ceremory

ICT Center of Excellence (ICTCoE) is pleased to invite you to the 2nd ICTCoE 2012 ICT Entrepreneurship Conference and award ceremony scheduled on December 10, 2012 held at United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) hall, Addis Ababa, as a participant. ICTCoE believes that your participation to this event will be of a great benefit to facilitate knowledge transfer and to increase the impact of ICT on socio-economic development.

The conference is aimed to provide a forum where valueable presentations are made on key ICT topics. This conference will also be the platform for the awards ceremony of the winners of the ICT Ethiopia competitions organized by ICTCoE.

ICTCoE which was established by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and is hosted by Addis Ababa University is charted to help with the development of ICT in Ethiopia and to make advances in ICT's contribution to the national socio-economic development. The center aims to be a catalyst and an enabler of dramatic progress of ICT in Ethiopia by working to contribute to ICT and to the full realization of the promised of ICT to be a key tool for accelerated national development.

ICTCoE conducts annual ICT Innovation Competition to encourage ICT professionals who have ideas and projects that will deliver valuable tools and ICT innovations by providing recognition awards to the winners of competitions. This event will provide competitors a platform for marketing their projects/innovations, and to help them to develop contacts in both private and public ICT sectors. ICTCoE organized the 2nd ICT Ethipia Competition on two broad categories: Business Ideas and Application Development. Best competitors in each category will be awarded at the conference.

We do hope you can make time in your busy schedule to attend the event and participate. The event will be an opportunity to exchange ideas and encourage entrepreneurship in ICT. We look forward to a positive reply to the invitation and you email an honor for us indeed. We kindly request your confirmation as it helps us for prorper planning by email using, or by calling +251-118959056/57. Please contact us if you have questions or need more information.

We want to thank our partners and sponsors such as HP, IBM, MTN, TCT Systems, INSA, Zemen Bank, ALKAN CIT, SOTA, GSTF and ICTET who have contributed to the making of this event possible.

Best Regards,

Tewodros Mebrahtu

Director, ICTCoE


November 30, 2012
IBM wants to expand in Ethiopia.

IBM started working on mounting its market share in Ethiopia as its partners demanded products the company.

At a recruitment event IBM held at the Hilton Addis on November 20, 2012, involving numerous private and governmental institutions, officials of IBM noted the intensity of the pressure from partners.

Gordon Lehman, Market Development Advisor for IBM discussed the opportunities in Ethiopia. He reminded participants that Ethiopia, the 14th most populous country in the world, is one of the top 10 fastest growing economies. It is currently the 73rd biggest economy in the world out of 228 countries.

According to Lehman, Ethiopia’s ever growing economy with its stable macro-economy, stable political scenario, adequate guarantees and protections for investments, transparent laws, streamlined procedures, abundant labor force and natural resources, pleasant climate, and ample investment opportunities are the reasons for IBM to invest in Ethiopia, He further underlined that Ethiopia, with 70 percent of the population under the age of 25, is undertaking huge investments in power, telecom, water, roads, health, schools and financial institutions. “Currently the country has around 18 million mobile subscribers and this number is projected to grow to 50 million by 2015” Lehman said. The 31 public universities and many private institutions currently churning out students in the hundreds of thousands, 70 percent of whom are due to be from the science and engineering fields, are among the reasons that pulled IBM, according to the advisor.

Some participants at the recruitment event said that they are sceptical about the timing IBM chose to scale up its market share in Ethiopia as many infrastructure projects for public and private institutions have been or are being undertaken.

Hanli Wood of IBM’s CEWA Business Partner Organization argues that many more new businesses are coming up and technologies expand and grow so quickly. She therefore believes that there is still intense opportunity for IBM. “I don’t think we are too late for infrastructure solutions. There are a lot of investments opportunities. With these investment, you need technology. Today, without technology, cell phones, the internet, one is a man on an island,” she said.

The other challenge this company will face, according to participants, is that its cost is higher than companies from China, India and other countries that are already involved in infrastructure installation in Ethiopia. Wood says, as long as we provide quality services, cost will not be an issue up for discussion. “Most importantly, institutions are very much concerned about their respective customers’ satisfaction and the return they maintain out of that.”

Source: Capital News Paper

October 3, 2012
Tecno Mobile has selected three winners for its Tecno Mobile App Challenge for Ethiopia competition intended to discover the best mobile developers in Ethiopia.

The winners will be awarded cash prizes as well a futureopportunities to work with Tecno Mobile and Afmobi, Techno’s partner. Tecno has prepared a 100,000 Br prize for the first place winner, 50,000 of which 50,000 will go for the developer and 50,000 of which will go for the institution the winner came from. There will be two winners in second place, which will each get 25,000 Br each and the same amount will be awarded for the institutions.

Three of the third place winners will get 15,000 Br each as well as their respective institutions. This is the first App Challenge prepared in Ethiopia by Tecno whose aim is to find developers who can find Apps and games with local content.

There were around 150 applications for the challenge, out of which twelve were shortlisted as finalist before selecting the winners. This was done by a panel of judge from Tecno Mobile, ICT-ET and Afmobi, according to Michael Tibebu, marketing strategy manager at Tecno.

Tecno which has entered the Ethiopian market in 2011, assemble mobile phones which can operate in Amharic, Oromigna, and Tigringa. The second phase assembly factory at Gofa, which was inaugurated back in July has a capacity to assemble 20,000 units a month and employs 300 local and 15 expatriate staff.

Source: Addis Fortune, Sept 23, 2012