October 5, 2011

Ethio Telecom and Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo), signed Fibre Optics Lease Agreement on Tuesday October 3, 2011 at Sheraton Addis.

The deal encompasses the 15 years long term lease of optical fiber as well as preventive and corrective maintenance of the Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) fibers that will be done by EEPCo. The officials of the companies indicated that the agreement is a win-win deal that allows the two companies to optimize their investment and share the same infrastructure to improve power and telecommunications over Ethiopia.

The agreement is concerning the rental by Ethio Telecom of all or part of the idle optical fiber cores to bear high capacity optical transmission systems. Each OPGW cable section contains from 12 to 48 fiber cores. Only part of these optical fiber cores will be used by EEPCo for transmission and monitoring of its power equipment.

The operation and maintenance fee shall remain fixed for the duration of two years starting from the date of signing of this Specific Agreement and shall be reviewed every subsequent two years. The duration of this Specific Lease Agreement is five years starting from the actual commencement date of Ethio-Telecom’s utilization of each fibre optic link.

The number of dark optic fibres leased under this Specific Agreement is 52 which found across 13 main routes; whereas, the total length of all leased fibres already delivered to Ethio Telecom is 1424 kilometres.

The use of the OPGW fibers will improve the quality of the Ethio Telecom optical network by reducing the number of fiber cuts. The OPGW fibers are by nature more reliable and secure than classical terrestrial fiber cables since, naturally protected from cuts due to road works, civil works, landslides or malicious acts being laid on top of high voltage link pylons.

The optical fiber links covered by the Specific Agreement are those already being utilized by Ethio Telecom. The fiber leased by Ethio Telecom will be fully integrated in the existing Ethio Telecom optical network based on buried and aerial optical fiber cable. It will be connected to Ethio Telecom network either through the EEPCo sub-stations or directly taped to one of the EEPCo pylon bearing the OPGW cable.

The OPGW fiber will be used for both long distance backbone transmission between major cities bearing Ethio Telecom DWDM system (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) and local backhaul connections carrying traffic from the smaller cities on the way of the OPGW route using SDH equipment (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy).

The project is known as “OPGW”, defined as “Optical Ground Wire”; OPGW is a type of cable that is used in the construction of electric power transmission and distribution lines combining the functions of grounding and communications. The conductive part of the cable serves to bond adjacent towers to earth ground, and shields the high-voltage conductors from lightning strikes; while the optical fibers within the cable can be used for high-speed transmission.


New Business Ethiopia Reporter

September 1, 2011
Dear ICT Community:

At the July 2011 meeting between the Private Sector & the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, several topics were raised by the various participants from the private sector. To address these issues, ICT-ET ( recommended that it would be best to develop a survey to obtain everyone's feedback since these critical ICT topics require feedback from various stakeholders within the ICT Community. That said, it is important that you complete the short survey below by September 15, 2011.

Survey Link:

ICT-ET will then summarize your feedback and present it to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology at the end of September 2011 and the results will also be posted at

Again, it is imperative that you provide solid feedback to the questions by September 15, 2011.

The link for the survey is:

If you have any questions you can reach us at

Thank you.


August 31, 2011
Dear ICT Community:

The following are the candidates that were nominated by the August 29, 2011 deadline:

President: Seyoum Bereded

Vice President: Levi Girma (Communications Sector Head)

Secretary General: Yilkal Abate (IT Sector Head)

Addis Alemayehou (Broadcasting Sector Head)

Abinet Zelalem

Alternate 1: Hilena Hailu

Alternate 2: Nedim Abdusemed

AGM Chairman: Fikre Wondimu

AGM Vice Chairman: Amaha Bekele

Additional Information for the AGM:

Date: September 8, 2011 (Thursday)

Time: 6PM

Place: DH Geda Building, 7th Floor (CIMAC Board Room)

AGM Agenda:

6:00PM - 6:15PM Sign in and Membership Fee Payments

6:15PM - 6:25PM Welcoming Remarks (Seyoum Bereded)

6:25PM - 6:35PM ICT-ET Structure (Levi Girma)

6:35PM - 6:45PM ICT-ET 2011 Accomplishments & 2012 Plans (Yilkal Abate)

6:45PM - 6:55PM Nominations (Interim Chairman)

6:55PM - 7:00PM Closing Remarks (Chairman)

If you have any questions, please email us at