March 22, 2017

Theme 2017: Digital Ethiopia

Everything is affected by the rapid changes in digital technology. No one can afford to ignore it. For Ethiopia digital technology is an important tool to meet the challenges of poverty, skills and knowledge gaps, access to health services, low productivity in agriculture, and financial inclusion.

The next agricultural revolution will be driven by digital agriculture, likewise for healthcare, finance, and education. According to a 2016 study by McKinsey for example delivering financial services by mobile phone could benefit billions of people by spurring inclusive growth that adds $3.7 trillion to the GDP of emerging economies within a decade; and alone boost Ethiopia’s GDP by $15Billion by 2025. The opportunities to affect varying sectors of the economy and create beneficial outcomes for private companies and achieve development goals by government, using ICT technologies judiciously,are plentiful. Hence, the reason why digital is the focus of ICT EXPO ETHIOPIA 2017.

We want to explore the challenges and potential of digital technology when applied on these four important sectors of the economy: Health care, Agriculture, Finance, and Education during the Expo. This Expo brings together technology service vendors, private and public sector decision makers, integrators, and users of ICT technology for business or public good, as well as startups and academia, to interact and engage in a series of panel formats, parallel to the main exhibition, Conference and B2B meetings.

Panel discussions will lead to audience Question and Answer sessions, to ensure the key issues are thoroughly addressed from all perspectives and facilities will be made available for people wishing to continue the discussions outside of the panel sessions.

So what are the most important issues affecting digital health care, agriculture, education and/or finance? How can the challenges be converted into an opportunity for entrepreneurs by applying or adapting ICT technologies? What are the mechanisms to incorporate ICT technology in the different sectors to achieve development goals?

We therefore call on you to be involved in shaping the agenda by proposing a talk, session, or topic by March 31, 2017.

The following themes are offered as guide for submitting your proposal to speak at the event.

Digital Health Care

Community Health and Role of Digital Health Technologies

Role of digital health in disease interception

Personal health and digital health technologies

Patient monitoring and health management systems

Internet of Things in Digital Health

Digital Health Ecosystem

The Digital App, Mobile Health/eHealth

Restructuring Healthcare delivery- the role of technology

Intelligent Patient platforms

Digital Education

Digitizing learning content

Ethiopia’s digital learning landscape and roadmap

Learning devices and software

The virtual classroom and the role of Artificial Intelligence

The future of learning- what makes us want to learn beyond the classroom

Digital Finance

State of electronic payments

Payment systems and gateways

e-commerce ecosystem

Mobile banking/ Mobile wallet/ Agent Banking

eSignature and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Role of technology in Ethiopia’s financial roadmap

Digital Agriculture

Digital based farm services (soil, seeding, harvesting, livestock)

Smart and Sustainability agriculture

Soil mapping and agricultural inputs

Logistics and the food chain

Role of big data in agriculture

The panels program for ICT Expo Ethiopia 2017 will set an exciting and relevant avenue for interaction and engagement. You can contact the organizers and event team with your ideas at

January 17, 2017
Recording of Diaspora Dialogue in Tech Webinar which took place January 17 2017

July 27, 2016
Dear ICT Community,

Recently, following meetings with members in March and April 2016, ICTET launched a Venture Capital (VC) platform to support the growth of the local ICT Ecosystem. As a follow up to that effort, it has now developed a template to collect information from startups looking for investment, which when filled should allow review and discussion to start between interested investors and investees. We would like all startups, and ICT Companies seeking funding to fill this attached template as appropriate and send it back to ICTET at


· Complete the template which would allow investors to clearly understand the risks and opportunities

· Give attention to commercial, technical, and regulatory opportunities and challenges,

Both start ups and more established companies seeking funding for expansion can participate. If you have any question and comment please contact us at 0922447777 or email at

Thank you and best wishes.


Link to the Template File: VC Template Download