• What is MOMO Addis?

    Mobile Monday plans to be Addis's premiere mobile networking and authority for the mobile entertainment industry. Come network with industry executives and hear Mobile leaders speak about compelling issues surrounding market strategies, current trends and revenue generating momentum in the Mobile Industry

    This platform is another step towards addressing the demand for members to connect with developments in the community.

  • Why we need MOMO Addis

    We plan to encourage innovation within the mobile sector and also will help facilitate networking between small and large companies, and between local and foreign.

    Allows local companies effectively participate in international initiatives through the import and export of visions, concepts, technologies, know-how and best practices.

    Facilitate and create partnerships and also contribute to the education of the broader public through its publications, online presence and media partnerships.

  • Future Plans

    We will be hosting the first MoMo event very soon. We will have industry leaders from within the country and abroad to discuss different opportunities.

    Also invited are policy makers that will influence the outcome of the discussion and layout target moves.


When is this event held

Mobile Monday is a one day event where leaders in mobile advertising meet to discuss and debate the massive opportunities that exist today in mobile for marketers. See what challenges others are solving today in their own businesses and how you can monetize mobile for your company now.

Normally the event is held on Mondays. We will be posting the exact date soon. Stay tuned!

Who will be attending

Policy makers and influencers will be attending this event. We plan to have representatives of the different Government organizations be present for the discussion.

Manufacturers, software developers and Service providers among the many groups will also be attending these events to address all aspects of the industry.

Our Partners

This team is under the umbrella of ICTET. Members of GDG Addis are also involed.

We invite all open communities to be part of this. We will be releasing a form to sign up for this group soon. Make sure you stay tuned.