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Launch Event (January 2011)
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MOCIT Presentation Slides
ICTET Opening Remarks
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Research and Resources
Duty waiver petition for wireless devices
ICT CoE Innovation/ Project Competition Info
ICT Assimilation in Selected Ethiopian Public Orgs
ICTs in Sub Saharan Africa: Success Stories
Global Investment Trends 2011
Android Developer Challange Survey Responses 2011
AAU Student Prgoraming Competition Winners
Manufacturing the future
Ethio ICT Village Booklet
Promoting ICT based agricultural knowledge managmt
Data Visualization in Review: Summary
LEAP Ethiopia: Innovative Climate Risk Management
Ethiopia in Top 5 countries for UNAOP App Competit
Ethio Telcom Citizens Charter Draft
Seizing Africa's Energy and Climate Opportunities
ICTET VC Template Form
Information Economy Report 2015
Laws, Regulations, and Directives
ICT Sector Incentives- Amharic
Value Added Services Directive- English Version
Value Added Services Directive- Amharic Version

4th ICT Exhibition (July 2011)
ICT Assimilation in Selected Public Orgs Slides
Achieving ICT Service Management Excellence
Cyber Exposures in a new Digital Society
Public-Private Forum (July 2011)
Application Hosting Service (Virt. ICT Park)
ICT Ecosystem
Technology Innovation Series (October 2011)
Introduction of TRIPS and Status of Ethiopia
WTO Accession Process and Ethiopia
International Conference on ICT Investment Opportunities in Ethiopia- Diaspora Dialogue (Jan 2012)
Data Center Designs
Outsourcing- ModernETH
ICTET Overview and Plans
MCIT Oview of ICT Policies, ICT Park, ICT and GTP
ICT Business Incubation
Public-Private Forum (December 2011)
ICT Private Sector Recommendations
Innovation Africa Digital Summit (March 2012)
Ethiopia ICT Park Presentation
IADS Summit Program
Mobile Africa Report 2012
5th ICT Exhibition, Bazaar & Conference (June 2012)
Registration and Papers Presentation
5th ICT Exhibition, Bazaar & Conference Proposal
Call for papers for 5th Conference
Registration Form- Local
Registration Form- Foreign
Floor Plan
Mobile Patient Followup System
Cloud Computing
Mobile Baby- Maternal Mobile Health Care Program
Information Security Culture in Banking Sector
E-Gov from Strategy toArchitectural Implementation
Recognition of Amharic Braille Using Direction Fld
Design of a Generic e-Service Dev Tool
Planning and Implementing ITIL in Organizations
2nd ICT Entrepreneurship Conference and Award Ceremony (Dec 2012)
Conference Program
Invitation Letter
Diaspora Dialogue- ICT Investment Opportunities in Ethiopia (Jan 2013)
ICTET Presentation
Apposit Presentation
Credoks Presentation
CNET Presentation
6th ICT Exhibition, Bazaar & Conference (June 2013)
Registration and Papers Presentation
Quarterly Private Sector Meeting with MCIT (Oct. 2013)
Action Item Presentation Slides for 7 Issues
PPP Slides
7th ICT Exhibition, Bazaar & Conference (June 2014)
Registration and Papers Presentation
Call for papers for 7th Conference
Quarterly Private Sector Meeting with MCIT (Oct. 2014) Presentations
Action Item Presentation Slides for 6 Issues
8th ICT Exhibition, Bazaar & Conference (June 2015)
Call for Papers 8th Conference
Invitation for Bid
ICT-ET Bid for Consultancy to HS Code project

Quarterly Private Sector Meeting with MCIT (May 2016) Presentations
Global Survey of R&D Incentives
ICT Services Action Plan Progress
Hardware Working Group Update
Software Working Group Update
Diaspora Dialogue in Tech (Jan 2017)
Potential Possibilities in ICT
MCIT Update
Offshore Software Development in Ethiopia
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